2023-24 Medical Scholarship Applications being accepted until July 15!



Wasco Community Scholarship AssociationThe history of WCSA has been one of longevity in serving the community of Wasco. For over 50 years, Wasco Union High School Graduates have received scholarships through this organization. WCSA grants scholarships for vocational schools, two-year technical or associate schools, and four year college and universities. Our most recent addition has been providing scholarships for medical school.

What We Give

WCSA has given more than a million dollars in scholarships since its inception. Each year, the WCSA gives in excess of $80,000 in scholarships to Wasco Union High School graduates.

With rising costs of secondary education, the amount given by Wasco Community Scholarship Association seems to only scratch the surface of what our graduates need. WCSA currently awards $1,000 and $500 scholarships to our undergraduates and technical/vocational/2 year degrees respectively. We provide up to $8,000 yearly for medical students.

Our community is made up of mostly low-income families, who have incredible spirit and drive. Our association has partnered with the community of Wasco to support the next generation to achieve success in a demanding and competitive workplace. Our mission is to support Wasco families as they strive to better themselves through education.
Wasco Community Scholarship Association

Why We Give

To help Wasco Union High School Graduates achieve their goals through Education and through Life.

How We Give

We require that our WUHS graduates fill out a rigorous scholarship application available on our Scholarship Application page. This form includes the student’s transcripts, references, school and community activities, employment history, along with a one page essay. After the March deadline, the applications are evaluated by the WCSA Awards Committee and the scholars are notified in May. Medical student’s applications follow a different schedule.